Compact Camera Challenge ( Self Imposed ) Pt1

I like a challenge and as such I have set my self an interesting one.  I have 3 concerts to go to over the next week and although I could take any of my cameras I have elected to take my Canon Powershot compact camera to these events.  Whilst small and light weight it is limited to only 4 MegaPixels and obviously the tiny lens can’t compete with those of the SLR.  It is however fully controllable and will need to be to get the best shots at the events.

The first gig was Bon Jovi in Hyde Park on what was quite probably the best day of the year so far.  Not only was this a band I have wanted to see it was also my eldest sons first ever gig.  Not a bad start.

I took lots of photos and have added a few composites to this post.  The whole point of this exercise is to get the best out of the equipment that is to hand and to take a different kind of image if you are limited in what can be taken.  After all if I can get good images in these conditions from this camera I’m going to learn a lot.

I’m quite pleased with what I got, there loads more than the ones shown here.  Let me know what you think. By the way of you are the Beauty Queen from Mars and want the images mail me at the mail address and I’ll send them on.

Note : I’ve noted slideshows don’t work on portable devices so it’s back to using a gallery.


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