Developing an Idea

I love messing with an image, taking an idea and developing it beyond what I imagined was first possible.  Whilst I enjoy taking a photo a posing the people it’s often the post production where I get really deeply involved.

It’s been my Father’s birthday recently and I hit upon a cracking idea for a present.  A portrait of the grandchildren ( there are five of them ) for him.  However I wanted something different and something that would stand out from the crowd.

A long time ago I created a Mother’s Day Card for my Wife with images of my children posing as letters, each pose making a different letter.  I’ve had many comments over the years about it.

Developing this idea I wanted to pose the children on the letters,interacting with them.

This was the first attempt but somehow it was just not quite right

Finally I got to a combination of portrait and wording( with a little creative input from someone else who shall remain nameless)

So this is the final image and the recipient is a very happy man, I’m sure it will take a pride of place in the house.

Finally Happy Birthday Dad ….


3 thoughts on “Developing an Idea

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