2011 Highlights

2011 turned into something totally surprising for me.  It’s funny how life’s events turn out and this year seems to have turned into the first steps of what I hope will be something big.  As the old saying goes ‘There are no problems, only opportunities’

I have long wanted to be a portrait and event photographer and earlier this year I suddenly had a lot of time on my hands.  It started as I suspect it has for many with a friend asking for some work and things blossoming from there.

With a little hard work I have moved from casual work to full commissions and have built from nowhere websites; blogs and social media.  There is a long term plan in place and much as I would love to leave my old life behind I still need to pay the bills and as such the full time photography will take some time to achieve.

So I look back at 2011 and into 2012 with keen anticipation.

Thanks to those that have supported me in this venture so far.  A deep amount of thanks to my very supportive family and thanks to those of you who read.

Of the near 8000 pictures I took this year I have selected my 10 favourites.  Take a look and please leave comments.



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