About Me

Photography started as a hobby and quickly moved on to a passion.  Like many I have been a casual photographer snapping holidays and parties, learning a craft.  In time the development of ideas grew and I have become more and more consumed by this art form.  I favour portrait and event work as the social aspect is key to bringing out the best in a subject.  I am however also interested both in still life and some scenic work.

Further more I am also passionate about the post production process and what can be achieved in the ‘digital darkroom’ taking a normal photograph and manipulating it into something special and unique.

My biggest photography regret lies with the early snaps of both of my children.  If I could invent a time machine; or some one would be kind enough to do it for me, I’d go back and take better pictures of the children growing up and of my Grandparent’s growing old.  As it says at the top of the site, memories fade / images remain.

Knowing what I know now I combine the technical aspects of photography with more than a pinch of creativity to produce unique art.  Taking a picture now is more of artistic composition which in turn has lead to creative interpretation.

Take a look through the galleries and let me know what you think.

About Gander Photography

A play on words; my two boys are called Alexander and Gabriel along with the thought of taking a gander at an image I started Gander Photography in an official capacity in the Spring 2011.  Available for all types of photography from portrait; event and other work the aim is to provide images with a twist.

Capture memories and displaying them in a unique way.

From traditional portrait sessions right the way through to complete Creative Pieces Gander Photography will take you all the way.

If the pictures I take; put a smile on your face and take you back to the moment then I’ve done my job.  Let Gander Photography provide you with the lasting memory for a long time to come.


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