Comments and Feedback

Here’s a couple of pieces of feedback I had recently for some of the work I have done.  Please click the links to the photos being talked about.

The colours in your pictures are lovely.  My wife even popped her head into my office and said “aahh, they’re nice photos – I like the colours!”  – Matt  See Matt’s Pictures here

Julian : Thank you so much. The photos are amazing  ! – R. Bergson

Dear Julian I just wanted to thank you personally, well virtually personally, for taking the photos on Sunday. Your efforts were really appreciated by everyone and having seen the results of your labour, they are just what we needed. The day was obviously a great success and your efforts ensure that we will remember this long into the future. –  Howard

See the pictures they are talking about here

Fab pictures thank you so much – Lisa

See Lisa’s pictures here

Blown away. Particularly by the creatives.  – Gail

See the Creatives here


2 thoughts on “Comments and Feedback

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  2. Thank you do much the photos are wonderful, I have forwarded them to my family in the US and they love them. We can all remember Eden’s Bar Mitzvah not only from our thoughts but also the fabulous photos – Lisa and family

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